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Life-changing success - Find success through learning and growth

Success is not a destination, it's a journey

If we see success as a journey, we will keep sailing. This will enrich our lives and help us see what might be going wrong. It makes life richer because it helps us find more perspectives, new friends and allows us to learn.

We should remember that success is not the same as achieving goals. While we should be content with life, it's always important to keep the flame burning - seeking to know and explore more. We shouldn't stop ourselves from discovering more in our lives.

Success is not a result, it's a process

Take more action. Transformation is hard work, and the changes made during transformation need to be sustained in order for the organization to continue to improve. There is no silver bullet – and while some factors influence transformation outcomes more than others, true magic happens when these actions are taken together. Overall, the survey shows that the more an organization does to support each of the five stages of transformation, the more successful it is at improving performance and maintaining long-term health.

But even after the implementation phase, the company's hard work isn't over. According to respondents, 20% of the post-implementation value loss occurs when the plan is fully executed. To mitigate this loss, the results suggest that it may be helpful to embed transformation principles into 'business as usual' structures, processes, and systems—a more common practice in successful transformations. In particular, successfully transformed organizations were more likely than other organizations to make significant changes to their annual business planning process and review cycle, from weekly executive-level briefings and monthly or quarterly reviews to individual performance conversations.

Success is not something you get, it's something you become

To become very successful in life, success never comes overnight, it's a daily habit of your life, whatever you do every day to reach your goals faster, divide your goals into 4 categories such as: Daily Goals, Weekly Goals, Monthly Goals and last, Year Goals, then you need to take daily actions to achieve your dreams and goals faster.

Nothing great happens overnight. Success is a process, and you may experience some common experiences. The thing about success is that it changes you. You need to change, whether it's the people you hang out with, the places you go, or the things you do. These things sometimes get in the way of your success. I want to share part of the process with you. If you expect success, you want to know the signs of the process.

By Roger K. Olsson

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