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List your properties with, free trial today!

List your properties with, free trial today!

Real estate agents, have you ever felt like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack while trying to market your properties? It’s difficult enough to keep track of all the paperwork, let alone remember all the details when it comes time to actually list your properties.

Introducing - an international platform that makes it easy and efficient for real estate agents to list their portfolio of commercial and industrial facilities, housing, land, and plots with the highest reach possible. We offer one year free agency and property listing trial, allowing you to quickly and easily get your properties out there and in front of potential investors around the globe. simplifies the process and offers features that will make your life as a real estate agent much easier. Read on to find out how you can use to list your properties with a stress-free approach for successful deals with investors!

Introduction to

Are you a real estate agent looking for a platform to list your properties? is an international platform that lets you easily list and manage your portfolio of commercial real estate, industrial facilities, housing, land and plots with just a few clicks. It's the perfect tool to simplify the process and make sure that you get interested investors in your property.

Better yet, offers one year free agency and property listing with their viral global real estate segment. That means you can reach potential buyers from all around the world. And it's easy to set up – simply create an account, provide some basic information about yourself and your listings, and start publishing them on the platform so investors can find them quickly.

So why wait? Sign up for today and start listing your properties in no time!

Benefits of listing with

Are you on the hunt for a better real estate listing platform? is the answer! With, Real Estate Agents can list and manage their portfolio of commercial real estate, industrial facilities, housing, land, and plots with a simplified process for successful closing of deals with investors. Plus, offer one year free agency and property listing trial! Here are some of the benefits you can receive when you list your properties with us:

Global reach: With's international reach, you have access to a worldwide network of investors and tenants to list your properties in any country.

Simplified process: You don't have to worry about complicated paperwork or tedious processes; we make it easy to list all types of properties on our platform quickly and efficiently.

Access to investors: Our innovative algorithms connect real estate agents directly with investors who are looking for profitable opportunities in the global real estate industry.

Listing your properties on gives you a competitive edge when it comes to finding the perfect buyer for your property! Try our one-year free agency and property listing trial today and see how easy it is to work with us!

Types of properties and facilities on

Welcome to, a global platform for listing properties and facilities of all kinds for realtors and investors! You can list commercial buildings, industrial facilities, residential housing, land and plots for sale, lease or rent. is your go-to platform to connect with investors worldwide and engage in successful deals. doesn’t just provide an easy way to list your properties—it also offers expert advice on the types of properties you should list, how to market them effectively, developing strategies and more. Here are a few of the various types of properties you can list on the platform:

Commercial buildings: This includes office buildings, retail centers, malls, shopping plazas, warehouses and other commercial spaces meant for business use.

Industrial facilities: List factories for manufacturing or production purposes, storage units for goods or raw material storage, as well as factory sites such as gas stations or chemical plants.

Residential housing: List houses for sale or rent in any neighborhood or district at the best prices possible so that potential buyers have the luxury of choices when investing in real estate property with .

Land / plots: List land plots or vacant lots for investors looking for an ideal location to start their projects from scratch or build their dream homes on a budget.

One year free agency and property listing deal

Thinking of setting up shop and listing your properties on an international platform? Well, have we got the deal for you! is offering a one-year free agency and property listing trial to make sure you get top value when it comes to expanding your commercial real estate portfolio.

With this amazing offer, you get:

* Free agency real estate services for a whole year plus

* All your property information and photos listed quickly and easily on their global real estate segment

* Complete control over the pricing of all your properties and listings

* The option to review the full history of any property you list

* Maximum visibility with the ability to target customers from over 30 countries

* Plus many more benefits! was established in 2004 as a convenient platform for real estate agents to list their portfolio of commercial real estate, industrial facilities, housing, land, and plots for a simplified process for a successful deal with investors. This amazing offer is open to any agent worldwide—so don't hesitate, take advantage of their free trial today!

Popular locations to buy or sell real estate with

If you already have a real estate portfolio and have been looking for an international platform to list your properties then could be the perfect solution for you! They offer one year free agency and property listing trial for a global real estate segment, so starting up with them is incredibly easy.

Popular locations is used in many popular locations across the world, making it easier to find investors and buyers in various locations. Here are some examples of where they are popular:

United States: has a strong presence in the US, offering great opportunities to investors and buyers around the country.

Europe: The network has proved to be extremely successful in Europe, with a number of countries represented on the platform.

Asia Pacific: Giuelith also has a large presence in Asia Pacific, with many investors and buyers using the platform to list their properties or search for businesses or real estate opportunities.

Latin America: Giuelith is popular in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, and Colombia, providing access to new deals throughout this region of the world. provides an easy way to list your properties quickly and efficiently without any paperwork or contracts signed upfront. With its one year free trial period it's worth checking out if you are looking to buy or sell real estate anywhere around the world!

Easy and scalable platform for simplifying deals

Ready for something that will take the hassle out of listing properties? can do just that. With our easy and scalable platform, you can list multiple properties and make deals with investors without the stress of traditional methods.

* simplifies dealing in real estate and helps you close more deals without spending hours on tedious paperwork or complicated processes. Our platform offers features like:

* Real-time data analysis to identify potential purchasers and track performance metrics

* Tools to compare prices, track market trends, and monitor competitors’ pricing

* Automatic alerts when buyers are interested in your property

* Online contracts for closing deals quickly and safely

All of this means that you can focus on building relationships with investors, finding more opportunities, and sealing the deal with less effort. Plus, to get you started, offers one year free agency membership and property listing viral for a global real estate segment—making it even easier to engage potential buyers from all around the world!


Whether you’re an individual investor searching for the right property or a professional real estate agent, offers a streamlined platform to make your transactions work for you. With an international presence, comprehensive portfolio listings, and a free trial, is the perfect way to make the most of your real estate investment without the hassle. Join today and start seeing the returns on your investments sooner, expanding your portfolio and taking the complexity out of the equation.

By Roger K. Olsson

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