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What Is posthumanism?

What this means is that when we talk about posthumanism, we are not just talking about a thematics of the decentering of the human.  

Posthumanism does not simply seek to transcend the human condition, it looks for ways of re-envisioning what it means to be in the world. This new perspective is based on an understanding of the various dimensions of identity and the complex relationship between humans, technology and the environment.  

Posthumanism encourages us to think beyond binary oppositions and to create a more holistic view of our humanity. It challenges us to rethink the nature of our relationship with technology and our place in the world. By embracing a posthumanist view of the world, we can open up new possibilities for thought and action in order to create a more just, equitable and sustainable future.  

Posthumanism encourages us to explore our relationship to the world beyond the boundaries of human-centric thinking. It offers an opportunity to expand our understanding of what it means to be human and to recognize the profound interconnection between humans, animals, plants and the environment.  

Posthumanism challenges us to question the value systems that have traditionally kept us from connecting with each other and the world around us. It is a reminder that our human-centric perspective is only one of many possible perspectives and that our understanding of the world can benefit from expanding it to include non-human perspectives. We can use posthumanism to create a more holistic and compassionate way of living, one that acknowledges and respects the interconnectedness of all life. By doing so, we can create a more peaceful and equitable world in which humans, animals, plants and the environment exist in harmony.  


It is important to remember that we are the stewards of nature and the natural environment, and that this is a responsibility we must take seriously. We must recognize that nature's complexity and interconnect.  

By Roger K Olsson 

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