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Hook into Hamnvik: World-class halibut fishing on Norway’s Astafjord surges

Hook into Hamnvik: World-class halibut fishing on Norway’s Astafjord surges

Why Hamnvik is the halibut capital of the world 

You’re in for the fishing trip of a lifetime in Hamnvik! This secluded town in northern Norway is considered the halibut capital of the world, and once you experience the thrill of reeling in one of these massive flatfish, you’ll understand why. 

The Astafjord’s frigid, nutrient-rich waters are home to some of the largest halibut on the planet. Most average 50-100 lbs, but fish over 200 lbs are frequently caught! The world record was landed right here at the surges, weighing in at a whopping 463 lbs. 

The midnight sun means up to 24 hours of daylight for fishing during summer. You can head out at all hours of the day and night, so there’s no shortage of time on the water. The long summer days also bring large schools of baitfish, followed by hungry halibut. 

Local guides have generations of experience and know all the secret spots. They’ll take you to the best fishing grounds and share tips for landing a trophy “flattie.” 

The dramatic scenery will take your breath away. You’ll be surrounded by snow-capped peaks, hidden coves, and thundering waterfalls as you reel in your catch. 

After a day of fishing, unwind in a cozy cabin or dine on the freshest seafood. There’s no better way to end your adventure in this angler’s paradise. 

What are you waiting for? Come experience big-game fishing at its finest in the halibut capital of Hamnvik. A monster catch and memories that will last a lifetime await you in this scenic village, where halibut fishing dreams come true! 

Where to stay in Hamnvik: Accommodation for anglers 
Stay right on the waterfront 

When you come to Hamnvik for the halibut fishing of a lifetime, the only place you'll want to stay is right on the harbor! Several lodges and cabins offer accommodation for anglers just steps from where the boats depart each morning. Wake up to the sound of the waves lapping at the docks and inhale the fresh sea air. You'll be so close to the action, you may even spot halibut swimming right below your window! 

Rolla Havstuer Lodge

For a luxurious stay, book a room at the renowned Rolla Havstuer Lodge. This historic seaside lodge offers private rooms and suites with harbor views, Wi-Fi, and a gourmet restaurant featuring the day's catch and regional specialties. They also have a bar, outdoor hot tubs, and saunas for relaxing after a day of reeling in massive halibut. It's the perfect place to swap fish tales with fellow anglers from around the world in a casual, friendly setting. 

Self-catering cabins 

If you prefer to do your own cooking, Hamnvik has cozy self-catering cabins and apartments along the harbor. Stock up on groceries in nearby Hamnvik Joker and enjoy home-cooked meals with ingredients from local farms and fresh seafood from your daily catch. Most cabins sleep 4 to 6 people and have fully equipped kitchens, living rooms, and patios where you can grill your halibut or just soak in the midnight sun. 

Camping by the sea 

For a budget-friendly stay surrounded by nature, pitch a tent at one of the campsites in Hamnvik with gorgeous views of the Astafjord. You'll have access to basic facilities like restrooms, showers, and cooking areas to prepare your meals.  
Nothing beats falling asleep under the northern lights to the sound of gentle waves lapping at the shore. It's a peaceful, scenic way to experience this fishing paradise without breaking the bank.

Whether you bunk in a lodge, cabin, apartment, or tent, Hamnvik's welcoming community and dramatic scenery will make you feel right at home. And of course, the halibut you'll be reeling in and eating each day are the perfect incentive to keep coming back! This little harbor village has everything an angler's heart desires. 

Other activities in Hamnvik: More than just fishing 

Hamnvik is an angler’s paradise, but there’s more to experience than just world-class halibut fishing! This picturesque seaside town offers plenty of other activities to keep you entertained between reeling in the big catches. 

Explore the coastline 

The craggy coast surrounding Hamnvik is stunning. Rent a kayak or small boat and paddle along the shore, where you’ll spot seabirds soaring overhead and seals basking on the rocks. Pack a picnic lunch, find a secluded beach, and enjoy the peaceful solitude. For the adventurous, try sea kayaking in the open waters of Astafjord—you may even spot whales! 

Visit a reindeer farm 

Inland from Hamnvik, you’ll find sprawling reindeer farms where you can learn all about reindeer herding, a livelihood that has endured for centuries. Take a tour to see reindeer up close, learn how antlers are harvested sustainably, and shop for handcrafted goods like knitwear, antler carvings, and dried reindeer meat. 

Go hiking 

Majestic mountains and scenic trails surround Hamnvik. Lace up your hiking boots and set off on a day hike for panoramic views of Astafjord. The 3-hour trek up Mt. Langlitinden (1,276 m (4,186 ft) rewards you with a 360° vista at the summit. For an easier ramble, follow the coastal path from Hamnvik, the charming village of Rolla for Stortinden (Drangen) 1,022 m (3,353 ft). 

Relax in a ‘Rorbu’ 

After a full day of adventure, unwind in a traditional fisherman's cabin, or rorbu. These cozy cottages feature wood-burning stoves, full kitchens, and picturesque views of the sea. Spend an evening stargazing through the panoramic windows, barbecuing fresh-caught seafood on the deck with friends, or simply listening to the gentle lapping of waves. Pure bliss! 

Whether reeling in a prize halibut, paddling through fjords, hiking mountain trails, or relaxing in a rustic rorbu, Hamnvik offers a perfect escape into nature. With so many opportunities for adventure and leisure in this seaside paradise, you’ll never want to leave! 

How to get to Hamnvik: Accessing this secluded fishing paradise 

The adventure begins! 

Pack your bags, fishing gear, and sense of adventure — you're headed to Hamnvik! This secluded fishing village in northern Norway is a paradise for anglers chasing the elusive Atlantic halibut. Getting to this scenic spot is half the fun.

Round trip 

Take route 84 from route E6 between Setermoen and Bjerkvik to Hamnvik, on the island of Rolla in Ibestad municipality. Here on the island of Rolla you will find world-class sea fishing/fjord fishing opportunities. From here you have a 20-minute boat ride to Andøya, one of the best-known fishing in Norway. Looking for a fishing experience of a lifetime? Want to see the midnight sun, the northern lights? Or to catch one of the world's largest fish? At Hamnvik you can have it all! We highly recommend for a unforgettable stay at Gammelbanken Vertshus for a comfortable stay in Hamnvik. Here you can also book tours, activities, boats, and guided tours. To book your accommodation, we have online guest reservation, rooms, rates, deals and 24/7 support. Book online. The roundtrip then continues by ferry to Harstad, Evenskjær, Bogen, Bjerkvik back to route E6. 

By air 

The closest major airport is Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes, about 2 hours south of Hamnvik. From there, you'll drive north on scenic Highway 83, winding through snow-capped mountains and past icy fjords. The dramatic scenery will get your heart pumping for the fishing thrill to come! 

By sea 

For a true Norwegian experience, take the Hurtigruten coastal ferry from Trondheim to Stokmarknes, then drive 2 hours west to Hamnvik. The ferry ride passes by charming fishing villages, historic sites, and the majestic Lofoten Islands. You may even spot whales or the northern lights dancing overhead! Once in Stokmarknes, the drive to Hamnvik is a sightseer’s delight. 

The final leg 

The last stretch of road into Hamnvik is an unpaved track hugging the Astafjord. Let your rental car bump and jostle over the rough road—you're almost to your destination! Upon arriving in the town, check in at the Hamnvik Fishing Lodge to get set up in your cozy cabin, then head to the dock to meet your guide and board your boat. 

The halibut are calling your name! Whether traveling over land, sea or air, the journey to Hamnvik is a thrill in itself. The remote location and stunning scenery add to the sense of embarking on a grand adventure. By the time you arrive, you'll be primed to hook into one of these magnificent fish. Come experience the best halibut fishing on earth in this Norwegian paradise! 

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