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Kiruna Winter City

Kiruna's untouched terrain offers superb skiing tracks and exercise opportunities before the busy winter season commences, attracting ski training enthusiasts from all around. During these early mornings, one can often spot dedicated cross-country skiers making their way through the freshly groomed trails amidst snow-capped trees.
A morning walk through this serene environment is a rejuvenating experience. The crisp sound of crunching fresh snow beneath your feet and the invigorating touch of minus-degree temperatures serve as reminders that you are at one with nature in this remote and unspoiled location.
With a multitude of outdoor activities available – both recreational and training-focused – it's no wonder that many flock to Kiruna to embrace its unique wintery charm. So make sure to bundle up in warm clothing, strap on your skis or boots, and venture out into this enchanting winter morning in Kiruna to take full advantage of this tranquil and picturesque playground.



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