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Happy New Year 2024

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As I reflect on the past year, I feel my heart is filled with overwhelming gratitude. Each day has been a poem, a path of words and actions that led us through the garden of time. We have walked through beauty and pain, through laughter and tears, and through it all we have come to a deeper understanding of life's true nature. 

As the last page of the year falls and a new chapter awaits on the horizon, we stand here, full of gratitude and hope. We look back on the year that has been, a year of changes, discoveries and priceless moments. And we look forward to what’s to come, with open hearts and clear minds. 

The past year was a journey, both physical and an inner journey. We have crossed seas and mountains, but more significant were the internal journeys we have made. We have dived into the depths of our souls and there found a world of insight and understanding. We have stretched our hearts to the stars and found a love that surpasses all human understanding. 

Our life has been enriched by many new faces. It's been a year of intertwined friendships, where new faces have become part of our community. Each new friend has added a new dimension to our world, enriching our everyday lives with its unique story, its laughter, and its warmth. Each new friend has left an imprint on our hearts, and these imprints have in turn drawn a map of our humanity. We have shared laughter and tears, dreams and fears, and through this sharing we have grown closer to each other. 

The past year has also been full of joys, memorable moments that we will carry with us into the future. It's been a year of joys, big and small. Every moment, every smile, every shared laugh has become a memory, a reminder of all the beautiful things we have experienced together. These memories are like shimmering pearls, strung on the threads of our life together. They shine in the dark and guide us when we face challenges. 

Now we face a new year, ready to step into the unknown. So let us welcome the new year with the same courage and hope as we have faced the past. Let's continue our journey, explore new paths, make new friendships and create new memories. We do it now with hope in our hearts and with a desire that the new year will be at least as enriching as the last one. We hope for new adventures, new teachings and new opportunities to grow as people.

We will end the year with a New Year's devotion at The Good Will congregation here in Mölndal. This will be a time of fellowship, reflection, and renewal. We will bring our thoughts, our hearts and our dreams together in one, common prayer for the coming year.

To all our near and dear ones, we wish you a Happy New Year. May the new year be filled with light and love, of beauty and joy, of wonder and gratitude. May we all find the peace and joy that comes from living fully, in every moment and in every breath. Happy New Year to all of you!


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