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Academia and connection to business development

The challenges and opportunities of academic research partnerships with businesses 

Companies from many industries are forming long-term partnerships with universities and other academic institutions, rather than one-off, temporary projects. In turn, these educational and research institutions benefit from long-term funding stability and closer relationships with the business community, which provide valuable market insight, skills and know-how. 

Collaborations between companies and universities can yield exciting results. However, the prospect of working with an academic institution for the first time can be daunting. How should you approach such a partnership to ensure you get the most out of it? 

Academic research can be a valuable source of business information 

Academic research involves a thorough examination of known information on a particular topic. In most cases, completing assignments will require you to examine and analyze academic sources (unless otherwise instructed by your instructor). Reference science resources will: It is widely accepted that academic research makes a significant contribution to discovering solutions to many of the problems facing our society and industry. In many cases, companies turn to academia for help in solving key problems. 

The value of business development collaborations with academia

What is the value of scientific and commercial collaboration? The current situation shows that there is a lot of potential value that has not been realized, which raises the question: what is possible? What value can be created for business and wider society by leveraging the wealth of resources we have in academia and business? To answer these important questions, we must first understand the true value of collaboration. Collaboration is the source of new ideas – from which innovations are born. Collaboration creates connections between things that already exist and can come together. As Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis (1999) said of his own research, "I didn't discover anything new; I just connected what existed before." This is the value that comes from collaboration At its core - comes from the ability to bring together seemingly separate things.

Additionally, while many schools have links with local businesses, the importance of strategic partnerships with industry and universities is an ideal way to develop academic collaborations, exchanges and recruitment. This enriches the learning environment and helps students develop responsible attitudes towards social issues.

By Roger K. Olsson

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