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Project biological diversity in winter pastures in reindeer herding

A solution to land issues and lack of pastures is for all of us concerned (reindeer herders) to come together in a concerted action with concrete solutions to the problem. One of the most promising solutions which we can already predict the result is not only protecting but increasing biological diversity. We need funds for the planning and implementation of small-scale projects for the purposes of preserving and increasing biodiveristy broadly throughout Sápmi. Each individual reindeer herding company must be able to apply for project funds to develop greater biological diversity within the winter grazing grounds. Through such a reform, we would gradually recreate lush pastures and create a positive development of the presence of white moss in the lands. Reindeer pastures require maintainance and restoration; Here I am calling in line with the trade-off from footprint and climate change to a higher productivity through biological diversity and cycle-promoting efforts. 

Assessment of the impact of grazing management practices on biological diversity in winter pastures for reindeer herding.

"Preserving biological diversity in the face of climate change: Investigating the role of reindeer herding in sustainable pasture winterland management in Sápmi, and the potential for EU funding to support this project."

Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino 2023-03-12

By Roger K. Olsson

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