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What is politics?

What is Politics?

Politics is mainly the method and process of taking decisions for the group. The word politics integrates all the domestic and international policies. These are mainly the activities of government on state level or national level political affairs. Since these are mainly the activities of government this does not mean that only government is responsible for carrying out all politics or government alone is involved in all political matters or politics is always carried out in national or state level affairs

As defined in very first line politics is mainly the method and process of taking decisions for the groups. So politics can be from any group any group like politics can be from opposition party of the ruling party. Whenever the issue of protection of rights of group of members rises there the politics enters into scene. Politics can affect our system both ways that is negatively as well as positively. It can affect negatively because many times people leave their jobs due to politics at their workplace which they feel that is just the wastage of time and they should just avoid that it is because they don’t want to waste their time in any other activity except their work. This led to increase of pending of jobs and thus adversely affects the organization. Sometimes people may also leave their jobs which would result in lose of human resource of the company. Sometimes it happens that people form groups at their workplace and do not want others to join their group and also promote members of their own group against the other members and sometimes they may also try to let down the other members which are not from their groups and which may also cause rivalries between groups in the company and thus the workplace becomes the war place. These type of group rivalries are mostly seen in those offices where lot of people work. These types of group rivalries are the main reason for collapse of work in the organization because of non cooperation from all the workers of company. Mainly those workers cause problems who are engaged in group politics. But sometimes this politics can also be useful to groups as well as company. Let’s see how: Politics can also remove the root cause of misunderstandings between the workers and the top management in the organization. Politics can help to prevent the rights and interests of workers in the company. 

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