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Create incentives for internet advertising revenue

Create Incentives for Internet Advertising Revenue for 2022

Internet advertising is definitely the best source of passive income and now it is also easy for those who have some internet skills to get web traffic to display ads. Today I was paid my profit on a breathtaking $7933. Which for me was a positive surprise, not least the big rise and turnover that took place during Christmas and the New Year holidays. 

From the statistics, I can also read that the largest web traffic that converts comes from WordPress websites that I have created via Siterubix and social media. Some of the most visited web topics are finance, food, crypto, personal finance, and lifestyle. 

How to get started 

Make a website and add your advertising code to the site, make a blog and/or forum there after you link your website to twitter, webtalk, facebook, tiktok, weibo,,,, youtube, wechat, inlinx, mewe, cashjuice, apsense, to name some social media platforms. 



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