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Salmon are a popular sport fish in the Alta and Tana rivers in Finnmark, Norway

Best Salmon Fishing In the World

photo: Roger K. Olsson, Alta river

Norway is home to many salmon rivers, with more than 400 rivers available for salmon fishing. Some of the most famous and popular rivers are the Alta, Namsen, Tana, Gaula and Lakselva, but there are many others that offer excellent fishing. Each river has different characteristics and therefore anglers must abide by different seasons, regulations and rules. 

For those looking for a unique and exciting fishing experience, salmon fishing in Norway is a must. The country's natural beauty and abundant salmon rivers offer anglers the opportunity to catch elusive Atlantic salmon and other species in settings that are second to none. 

However, this nice piece of a beast was catched in the Alta river, in Finnmark, northern Norway. This is a great Atlantic salmon newly raised the up streams the river (photo).

The Atlantic salmon rivers of Norway

Aaelva (Åa river), Åbjøra river, Alta river, Ardal river, Årgard river, Aros river, Arøy river, Audna river, Aure river, Aursundar river, Beiar river, Bjerkreim-Tengs river, Bjøra river (Namsen), Bogna river, Bondal river, Børselva river, Drammen river, Driva river, Eid river, Eira river, Enning river, Etne river, Figgjo river, Flam river, Flekke river, Frøy river, Gaula river, Gaula Sunnfjord river, Håelva river, Hustad river, Innfjord river, Jølstra river, Kongsfjord river, Komag river, Kvina river, Laerdal river, Lake Salsvatn, Lakselv river, Langfjord river, Lier river, Lynga river, Malselv river, Måna river, Mandal river, Mo river, Naeroy river, Namsen river, Nausta river, Neiden river, Nidelva river, Norddalselva river, Nordkjos river, Numedal river, Ogna river, Olden river, Orkla river, Orsta river, Otra river, Rana river, Rapperfjord river, Raumar river, Reisa river, Roksdal-Åelva river, Røssoga river, Rosta river, Saltdal river, Sandøla river, Skauga river, Skien river, Sokna river, Søya river, Stabbur river, Steinkjer river, Stjørdal river, Stordal river, Stordalselva river, Stryn river, Suldal river, Surna river, Tana river, Toåa river, Tressa river, Upper Namsen river, Valldal river, Vefsna river, Verdal river, Vikedal river, Vosso river, West Jakob river



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