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A way to sell your home without using an estate agent

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In the past, an estate agent was used by anyone who wanted to sell a house in the United Kingdom. In a Radio 4 poll of "least respected workers," which placed them second (MPs were ranked first!), for the vast majority individuals they are viewed as a means to an end.

A little minority of individuals figure out how to sell their home secretly by doing their own promoting and setting up their own Available to be purchased board, yet as their property doesn't show up in the Domain Specialist's press adverts or sites, this is a lot of a hit and miss undertaking.

The legal system in England and Wales makes it possible for a sale to fail even after it has been secured because contracts cannot be exchanged until many weeks later. In fact, one out of every three agreed-upon sales fails, necessitating a new sales process.

This is a source of annoyance and frustration for anyone moving or emigrating because it forces them to put plans on hold. It can be very serious indeed for individuals facing financial difficulties or the threat of having their home repossessed.

An actual alternative to using an estate agent Finally, there is an alternative. When selling through an estate agent on the open market, a specialist property-buying company provides the speed and assurance that are absent.

A service that is now being offered by businesses like A Quick Sale ( is seen as a better option than waiting for an elusive buyer. In most cases, they will offer to buy a house within a few days and close on a date that works for you so that people can move on with their lives.

So, the catch is what? Well, the main one is that they'll want to buy the house for less than what it's worth on the open market. The amount of a decrease frequently relies upon the sort and size of property yet is probably going to be something like 10%.

The fact that some of these businesses charge an upfront valuation fee of several hundred pounds is another thing to keep an eye out for. Even though this is typically refundable if you decide to sell to them, it's possible that their offer on your property won't be what you want, leaving you without any money!

Questions to Ask: If selling to a company that buys properties quickly and with confidence interests you, what should you look out for?

Presumably the main inquiry to pose is - will it cost me anything to get a proposal on my property? After receiving numerous complaints from individuals who had paid a valuation fee and were then offered significantly less than their property was worth, a national house buying company appeared on Watchdog the previous year.
You wouldn't expect to pay an estate agent for a valuation, so why pay these companies? (See

The following inquiry the vast majority need noting is - might I at any point depend on this organization? Can they accommodate me? These businesses ought to inquire about your deadlines and timeframes and tailor a solution accordingly. Examine their literature and website carefully to determine whether they are adaptable and provide a variety of options. Additionally, it's a good idea to inquire about examples or customer reviews.

Therefore, if you have a property to sell, it might be worthwhile to investigate a few of these businesses that can offer you a quick sale prior to calling an estate agent.

Before entering into any contracts that are legally binding on you, you should seek the appropriate professional and legal advice.



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